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UV light is widely used in the disinfection of water & photo-oxidation of organic contaminants to allow removal by ion exchange resin.

UV disinfection units often called ‘UV sterilisers’ or ‘UV filters’ comprise a stainless steel reactor chamber housing a UV lamp or lamps located inside protective quartz sleeves. These lamps are tailored to emit UV radiation @254nm which is quite damaging to DNA contained in the cells of the bacteria. UV damages the DNA chain, stopping the bacteria from reproducing & effectively killing it.

UV radiation @ 185nm is effective for the oxidising organics as it breaks large organic molecules into smaller ionised components which can be removed by high purity deionisation resin to produce ultrapure water with very low TOC levels.

Greencastle Technology Ltd can supply UV systems for disinfection of water, swimming pools & ultrapure water & reduction of ozone.

Furthermore we can supply replacement parts such as UV lamps & quartz sleeves etc which are used in all makes of UV equipment eg Aquafine, Hanovia, Wedeco, Sterilight, Willand, Trojan & many others.