Reverse Osmosis is a physical removal technology relying on a semi-permeable membrane and correct operating pressures to physically separate and remove a broad range of contaminants such as organics, inorganics and bacteria from the water supply.

The semi-permeable membrane gives 2 water streams, permeate (purified water) which is typically stored in a reservoir prior to use & concentrate (waste water) which goes to drain.

Greencastle Technology Ltd can supply a range of Reverse Osmosis Systems for various applications such as healthcare, laboratory, dental clinics, pharmaceutical, food & beverage.

  • For healthcare our RO systems are designed to meet HSE Code of Practice for Decontamination of RIMD & EN15883 -1&4
  • For pharmaceutical our systems are designed to meet USP standards complete with full IQ/OQ documentation.

Furthermore, we can supply RO membranes for laboratory and industry applications.

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