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Iron and Manganese are commonly found in water. They can cause unsightly staining and at high levels they can cause health problems. Both can be removed to leave the water crystal clear. Some medias will also remove the hardness which can cause scaling at the same time with no extra pre-treatment.

Iron & Manganese Removal Media

Manganese Dioxide
Manganese oxide can be used for iron, manganese and hydrogen sulphide removal by oxidation. It requires a pH of 7 or more for iron removal and 8 for manganese removal plus a dissolved oxygen level of at least 15% of the iron and manganese content. It needs a high backwash flow rate to remove the oxidised iron and manganese. Trade name products such as Filox-R are manganese dioxide based.

Crystal Right
Crystal Right works by an ion exchange process which removes iron, manganese and hardness. The minimum pH requirement is 6.0 and Crystal Right will raise the pH in acidic waters. It’s at its best on clear water, i.e. when the iron/manganese are in a dissolved form. Crystal Right will also remove hardness with no extra treatment.

Ammonia, lead, hydrogen sulphide and copper can also be reduced. The media bed can be sanitised with chlorine from time to time. Regeneration process is the same as a softener and requires regeneration with salt.

Crystal Right has a number of advantages over conventional systems in that pH correction, iron/manganese removal and softening can all be addressed in a single process.

How does it work?

Water flows into the valve at the top, down through the media and then up through the riser tube in the middle of the vessel. As the water travels through the media the iron & manganese are removed leaving crystal clear water.

There are timer options that can be set to automatically to self-clean (backwash) and wash away any of the accumulated iron & manganese. Cleaning can be set for a given time or after a certain amount of water has been used.