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Cartridge Filtration

UltraPure Melt Blown Range – UltraPure filters consist of 100% polypropylene depth media and are designed for the removal of contaminants from different fluids and applications. UltraPure cartridge features graded-density, the contaminants are gradually trapped as the fluid travels to the core of the filter. With the advantages of high flow rates, low pressure drop, high dirt holding capacity & long service life. For more information please download our UltraPure Datasheet.

UltraPore Pleated cartridge filters are absolute rated. All UltraPore cartridges have a rigid body constructed from thermally-bonded polypropylene. UltraPore filters are available with micro-fibre pleated media or a variety of membrane media. UltraPore filters are available in different endcap styles and micron ratings from 40 to 0.04. For more information please download the UltraPore Datasheet.

UltraFlow Pleated filter cartridges UF nominally rated, UFS & UFR are absolute rated range of highly efficient cost effective, surface pleated process filters. UltraFlow pleated media filter cartridges are available in pleated polypropylene, polyester or pleated glass media. The UltraFlow range is suitable for use within filtration applications such as chemical, water treatment, petrochemical, oil field & general process. For more information please download the UltraFlow Data Sheets

Carbon Filtration

UKX & UKXC1 series of activated carbon filters with a porous substance with strong physical adsorption forces, has the highest volume of adsorbing porosity of any material known to mankind. Activated carbon filters are widely applied in healthcare, industrial process, & civil use as the most efficient method of removing odours, chlorine, volatile organic compounds (VOC), colours, tastes, & other contaminants from fluids. For more information please see attached data sheets