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Greencastle Technology Ltd (GTL) offer a comprehensive range of quality consumables for Elga & Millipore laboratory water purification equipment, from pre-filter cartridges, UV lamps, DI packs & RO membranes. We ensure that you have a supply of consumable products to support your Elga water system at competitive prices.


Please contact us for Millipore consumables availability & pricing.


We offer many equivalent Elga consumables for their water systems and carry other replacements for Elga cartridges or filters that are not listed. Please contact us for more information.

Supplier No.GTL Part NoDescriptionUnit Price
LC101TF1-UDFPre-Treatment Cartridge€50.00
LC102GTLC143RO Membrane for Option/Prima MK1€125.00
LC104GTLC104UV lamp 254 – small€55.00
LC105GTLC105UV lamp 254 - long€55.00
LC109GTLC1090.05micron UMF€190.00
LC114EP114Medica/Option 30/60/100 DI Pack€185.00
LC115GTLC115RO Module 30lph€995.00
LC116GTLC116RO Module 60lph€1,150.00
LC117EP117Option DI Pack€125.00
LC118GTLC118UV lamp 185/254 dual wave length€175.00
LC119GTLC119RO Module 60lph€1,150.00
LC120GTLC120RO Module 90lph€1,250.00
LC123GTLC12310” 5micron carbon filter (FILT32678)€25.00
LC125GTLC1250.2micron capsule filter€180.00
LC126GTLC126Maxima DI Pack€230.00
LC127GTLC126Maxima DI Pack€230.00
LC128GTLC126Maxima DI Pack€230.00
LC129GTLC126Maxima DI Pack€230.00
LC136GT-FILT50044Bacteria Vent Filter€90.00
LC140TF1-UDFPreTreatment Cartridge PURELAB€50.00
LC141EP141PURELAB Option & Medica DI Pack€140.00
LC143GTLC143RO Module for Purelab Option 5/7/10/15/20€125.00
LC157GT-FILT50044Vent Filter (inside LC157 capsule)€90.00
LC158GTLC158BioPure UV lamp€150.00
LC172GTLC17220” 5micron carbon filter€50.00
LC210GTLC210Purelab Flex UV lamp€135.00
FILT50009UGP05-10AAS10” 5Micron double open ended filter€30.00
FILT3785950EN20820” 0.05micron filter€650.00